Gerard Way unveils the video for “No Shows”

Today came out the first Gerard’s video for “No Shows”, from the album Hesitant Alien. Video directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford.

A video that is inspired by the 60′s/70′s, giving it a psychedelic and jovial’s vibe. You can enjoy it below.

Then, form today you can pre-order his debut album that will be out on Septeber 30th. For more infos about available format, gadgets, tracklist and stuff, please go to the page we have created for his album.

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Gerard reveals the album cover for “Hesitant Alien”

Yesterday Gerard before going to England, where on 22 and 23 August he will perform at Reading & Leeds festival, has posted the final album cover of his debut album “Hesitant Alien”, out on September 30th.

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Kerrang exclusive chat with Frank Iero

Do you want to chat with Frank? Kerrang gives you this chance, because they’re hosting an exclusive chat with him on Monday August 18.

All you have to do is to go to Kerrang website and sign in to the chat at the bottom right of the page. Frank will be online for 30 minutes from 8:30pm GMT and he will answer your questions on his debut album “Stomachaches” due out August 25th.

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joyriding, new frnkiero andthe cellabration’s track

Yesterday at “Rock Show” on BBC Radio 1 as “Track of the Week” it was aired new frnkiero andthe cellabration‘s song called “joyriding”. Song that you will find in his solo record “Stomachaches” that is out on 25th August.

In case you have missed it, you can listen to it below, via the YouTube channel of B.CALM press.

You can still pre-order Stomachaches on iTunes and at the official webstore.

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DIY Magazine: interviews to Gerard and Frank

The DIY Magazine has published two interviews, one with Gerard and one with Frank, where both of them talk about their past in My Chemical Romance, but also about their solo projects.

Interview to Gerard Way. (link)
“As the frontman of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way seemed to have it all. The next chapter requires something altogether riskier.”

Interview to Frank Iero. (link)
“Frank Iero has put up with a lot of the past few years, and it’s inspired his solo debut.”

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