‘The Memory Chronicle Regiment’ fan project

We have been aware of a project dedicated to My Chemical Romance that was created few days ago by a few girls in the MCRmy, The Memory Chronicle Regiment.

This is a fan project that involves fans from around the world as a thank you to the group that has given us so many emotions, new friends, good music, influenced us in a positive way, they helped us to overcome many obstacles and alleviate our pain, and much more.

One year after the break-up, their music is still giving us something and we believe there is always a reason to thank them, even now, so why not taking part in this project also to share the good memories we have with the group?

Brinn and Ashley, the founders of this project, will be prepare a scrapbook full of memories sent by fans from all over the world and then, they will send it to the band through Gerard‘s fan mail address (c/o Warner Bros. Records). They will put together and decorate each page before being bound in a book and sent off.

What they are looking for are your stories about your favorite memories related to My Chemical Romance. And you can send some art made by you like poems, narratives, stories, drawings/paintings and many other stuff. And like any project, of course, there are also some right rules and the deadline for sending your pieces is April 20, 2014.

You can find the complete list of materials you can send, the rules and all the details, and their P.O. Box address at their MCRmy‘s post, HERE!

Now, spread the news of this project in the various social networks or sites you frequent and link back to this post at the MCRmy that has all the details of it, or link back to their twitter account. More memories they will receive, the better the book will be.

For news, updates, info etc, please follow The Memory Chronicle Regiment on:
twitter twitter.com/TheMCRegiment
tumblr themcregiment.tumblr.com
facebook www.facebook.com/themcregiment

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My Chemical Romance in the new issue of Big Cheese

Big Cheese Magazine has dedicated the cover of their March issue (nr. 165) to My Chemical Romance.

The last rites ofMY CHEMICAL ROMANCE
“It’s f**king heartbreaking.”

Big Cheese pays tribute to a band who saved lives and changed the face of rock music. We also celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge‘.”

In addition to My Chemical Romance, below there is a description of what you can find in this issue:


Also inside, we talk to ARCHITECTS about ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ and why now is their time to shine, ITCH tells us about being “a gutter kid” and trying to change the world, COMEBACK KID reveal how they’ve tried to capture their relentless live energy on new album ‘Die Knowing’ and CHUCK RAGAN explains why he’s feeling the love on his new solo album and the future of Hot Water Music.

Also, I AM THE AVALANCHE talk about overcoming record label problems and personal injury, ISSUES talk us through one of the most anticipated metalcore albums of the year track-by-track, New Forest newcomers NATIVES talk albums, emotions and heroes, LONG TALL TEXANS celebrate thirty years of wreckin’ and rollin’, Canadian rockers INCURA introduce themselves and NEW POLITICS exclaim that they’re “Danish as fuck!”

We review live shows from CITY AND COLOUR, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SKINDRED, BLITZ KIDS and THY ART IS MURDER. Also, Nergal from BEHEMOTH tells us about his favourite albums and we look back on the incredible albums that led to FALL OUT BOY‘s arena-slaying UK tour.



You can buy this issue through Big Cheese’s website, or you can download the digital issue for your smartphone and tablet from iTunes.

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“I Lied”, the first Electric Century’s song

Just a few days ago Mikey announced to the world the birth of his new group, Electric Century, which is already out their first song and video.
Today, February 26th on iTunes you can download the first single, “I Lied”, of which there was the premiere just two days ago on the site of Alternative Press.

A few hours ago the group has posted the video for “I Lied” on their YouTube channel that you can listen below.

Also, when Mikey spoke with MTV News about Electric Century, he said that he had chosen the name because it represented “change”.

When people first used the term ‘Electric Century’, it represented the shift from steam power to electricity, and it changed the entire universe,” he said. “And, for me, this is a complete change in my life.

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Electric Century, new Mikey’s band

Mikey announced on twitter the beginning of his new group, Electric Century, along with David Debiak (Sleep Station, New London Fire).

In a new interview with MTV, the idea of creating this musical project was born long before My Chemical Romance became a band, it was when he was only 12 years old:

“I was in my seventh-grade science class, and I wrote ‘Electric Century’ on a notebook, and I was like ‘I want to do this band,’” he told MTV News. “And right then I began filing away the kind of music I wanted it to be: Britpop, the party influence of bands like the Happy Mondays, New Order, Public Image Ltd. It was always something I wanted to do.”

Debiak handled the lyrics, and Mikey wrote the majority of the music, and then he also says that he’s doing a little bit of everything in the group; playing guitar and keyboards, background vocals.

For more informations about Electric Century, you can find them on: facebook, website, YouTube and instagram.

Below is a behind the scenes of the photoshoot for the new issue of Alternative Press that you can order HERE.

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‘Fake Your Death’ official video

Yesterday February 17th at the Zane Lowe‘s show for BBC, it was aired the premiere of  ”Fake Your Death“, the previously unreleased song that you can find on the upcoming Greatest Hits.
Straight after at My Chemical Romance‘s YouTube channel it was posted the official video of the song. Videos that begins and ends by showing the grave created by Gerard and which is used as the cover of the Greatest Hits, which retraces the best and/or never seen before scenes of many of their videos.

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