Q&A: Frank Iero Makes his Boldest Move Since Joining My Chemical Romance


“It’s a very intimate, revealing record,” Iero says of his first solo album.

Frank Iero suffers from chronic and painful digestive issues. He always has. But the ailment has never kept him from his love of music. And he’s addressed his ailments head-on in his first solo album, Stomachaches, due out Aug. 25. Written largely as a cathartic exercise, the very personal album features songs Iero assumed would never see the light of day.

Although former bandmate Gerard Way has an album on the way too, Iero is the first former My Chemical Romance members to release a full-length, and he’s feeling the pressure, which is probably not making his stomach feel any better.

Fans yearning for MCR’s darkly lit punk-inspired rock songs with big multi-layered, anthemic choruses and raw ballads will be pleased to find similarly-inspired song writing. Iero left his basement recordings on Stomachaches raw and exposed, adding to the album’s charm. After a listen or two, it’s clear he was more of My Chemical Romance than we thought.

We spoke with Iero on the phone about birthing his first solo album, growing up in his father’s shadow, and playing intestinal jump rope.
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A new chapter in Ray’s life

Even Ray has landed on the web by opening its site to announce to the world that he is about to begin a new chapter in his life after the breakup of My Chemical Romance in 2013.
Here the first blog he has written on his website, along with all the official links to social networks and sites where you can find him:

Welcome to my website. Over the past two years, I’ve stayed mostly silent about what I’ve been up to. It seems if you aren’t active on Twitter or Facebook you are considered erased, washed up dead on an endless shore of tweets, likes and favs. I am here to tell you I am not dead. In fact, I am very much alive.

The last two years has been a time of immense transition for me. I’ve said goodbye to the old friend that was MCR. I’ve spent my time learning how to write songs on my own, learning how to sing, and most importantly learning how to be a great father and husband. Becoming a father has taught me countless lessons about life and love. Hopes and dreams. Who I am, and who I want to be. Being a parent, you will see the best of yourself. And you will see the ugliest parts of yourself. My wife has been right by my side in this school of hard knocks. Through it all, she has taught me to look inside myself. To better myself. To believe in myself.

With all that said, I am pleased to announce I will be entering the studio next week with Doug McKean to track the first clutch of songs for my next project. I am beyond excited to share them with the world. I know that Doug will take my vision, and with the skill of a magician, help conjure it into reality. Throughout the process, I will be posting pictures, audio teasers, and behind the scenes video, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed and website for updates!

Thank you all for visiting. I do hope you stay awhile…

In addition to twitter, you can find Ray at his website, facebook, instagram, Google+, soundcloud and YouTube.

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Gerard Way unveils the video for “No Shows”

Today came out the first Gerard’s video for “No Shows”, from the album Hesitant Alien. Video directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford.

A video that is inspired by the 60′s/70′s, giving it a psychedelic and jovial’s vibe. You can enjoy it below.

Then, form today you can pre-order his debut album that will be out on Septeber 30th. For more infos about available format, gadgets, tracklist and stuff, please go to the page we have created for his album.

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Gerard reveals the album cover for “Hesitant Alien”

Yesterday Gerard before going to England, where on 22 and 23 August he will perform at Reading & Leeds festival, has posted the final album cover of his debut album “Hesitant Alien”, out on September 30th.

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Kerrang exclusive chat with Frank Iero

Do you want to chat with Frank? Kerrang gives you this chance, because they’re hosting an exclusive chat with him on Monday August 18.

All you have to do is to go to Kerrang website and sign in to the chat at the bottom right of the page. Frank will be online for 30 minutes from 8:30pm GMT and he will answer your questions on his debut album “Stomachaches” due out August 25th.

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